GREENO2 includes 8 partners (UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DELLA TUSCIA, Xenios Polis, Culture, Science and Action, UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ, SC GRIPEN EUROPE S.R.L., Akademia Kultury Spolecznej i Medialnej, PANTEIO PANEPISTIMIO KOINONIKON KAI POLITIKON EPISTIMON, LIM Srl Unipersonale and TARAS SHEVCHENKO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF KYIV) from 6 different countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania, Poland and Ukraine).

The main objective of GREENO2 is to promote the practice of green roofs as sustainable centers for research, participation and environmental consciousness in urban higher education institutions.

The project is in line with the European Green Deal Communication, with the European Commission’s EU 2021 Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change and with the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 that calls for green roofs to restore urban biodiversity.

The project aims to:

  1. promote green roofs as the academic community’s response to environmental protection, activate participation and well-being in higher education,
  2. provide environmental awareness education through green roofing,
  3. encourage the implementation of green roofs as centres for research and environmental consciousness, study and/or recreation area, ect.

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